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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do? provides you with all the materials you could possibly need for your storage or DIY move. Most of our products can be rented (some you have to buy because we can’t reuse them), so you won’t be stuck with them after the move is done. And, best of all, we deliver them right to your door and pick them back up when you finish your move!

What exactly are Bearabins?

Bearabins are lightweight, plastic bins with attached lids that we rent out to customers as a cardboard box alternative. They’re recommended for use over cardboard boxes by the EPA.

Why call them Bearabins?

It’s a clever pun, actually. Named after the part of Ireland the owner’s family comes from (The Beara Peninsula). But also, while you carry them, you Bear a bin.

Why not just reuse cardboard boxes?

Because cardboard boxes suck. Seriously, have you ever met a person who extols the virtue of cardboard boxes? They’re flimsy, weak, and require a whole bunch of tape and prayer to keep from falling apart after minor wear and tear. They also don’t stack well, can’t handle the type of weight all your belongings require (particularly if you own books) and you simply can’t trust them to hold any of your more fragile items – like computers and dishware and the like. They also can’t get wet or rained on without your stuff getting ruined. And if you’re hawking around the city looking for used cardboard boxes you’re going to have to deal with the fact that you have no clue what that person had actually put in any of the boxes. Plus they might transfer things to you that you just don’t want, like bed bugs, lice, or fleas. So, really, the better question is why would you ever want to use cardboard boxes?

Okay, so about those bed bugs?

Every BearaBin is cleaned with an environmentally safe cleaning product and stored in a safe, dry, and clean facility to prevent us spreading anything. We work with these products every day, and we don’t want to have to take anything home with us, either. The products that are most at risk for spreading bed bugs – such as mattress bags – are for sale only, not rent, to make sure that our facilities stay clear of any infestation.

How does BearaBin storage work?

        After you place an order, we’ll deliver your empty, bar-coded containers helpful information. You pack your boxes, inventory them, and then call for a pick up. A completed inventory list and pictures can be entered online onto our web-based system for easy access & store a hard  copy at your home.  Then, order a pick up and we will retrieve and deliver your bins. We can return all of your containers or just the ones you         need at any given time.

Where is BearaBin service available? is available in the 5 Boros of NYC and Long Island.


Do you provide packing material?

        Yes, we can supply packing materials such as bubble wrap and white paper at your request.


How are BearaBins secured?

        You can put locks on your bins or use supplied zip-ties, we also sell numbered zip-ties for more piece of mind. Barring legal intervention, we           will never open your containers without your express permission.


How much time do I have to pack my things after I receive the BearaBins?

        You can take up to 7 days to schedule your pick up after we drop off your BearaBins. If you need more time please talk to us.


Can I use my own boxes or containers?

        Yes, you can use almost any type of new or used box or other container that is in good condition and can be closed, storage prices will be               calculated by the size of the box. We do ask that all items be boxed and we are willing to supply you free boxes to do so.


What size are BearaBins?

        Small BearaBin: 21” long x 15” wide x 12” high

        Large BearaBin: 27” long x 15” wide x 12” high

        Wardrobe Box: 48” tall x 24” wide x 20” deep


Will you pack my BearaBins?

        No we’re not allowed, for insurance reasons, to pack bins on your behalf. If you really need assistance, that’s what friends are for!

Will you wait while I pack my BearaBins?

        We can wait while you pack your bins but we strongly advise you take your time, inventory your items packed in each bin and schedule your           free pick up anytime within 7 days of receiving your bins.


Do you store larger items such as furniture, rugs or lamps?

        No unfortunately we do not. Not sure about a particular piece? Give us a call, or email us and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.


What if I'm not sure how much space I need?

        You only pay for the storage you use. If you’re unsure how many bins you’ll need for your things, give us a call and we’ll work with you to calculate your space requirements. Then, after you’ve packed, return the empty bins and you are only charged for the bins that are full.


What if my things won't fit in a BearaBin?

        We can store some odd size items that might not fit in one of our standard bins; we will provide special size cardboard boxes and be glad to store it for you. Some of these common items  depending on size will be handled differently.


Where do you store my things?

        We store all items in our secure facilities 75-08 Beach Channel Drive Arverne, NY 11692. Our warehouse is designed for the safe storage. They are climate-controlled, pest free, monitored by 24/7. With our racking, warehousing, and vaulting equipment, we ensure all your items are safely stored to prevent damage in storage. We avoid exposing your items to swings in temperature, dust, and other elements that can cause damage.       


Are there weight limits?

        Yes. each BearaBins should be no more than 40 lbs when full.


Can I have my things shipped to another place?

        Yes, will ship your BearaBins and boxes to anywhere. Contact us and we will provide a quote based on standard freight rates plus the purchase of the BearaBins and boxes we provided.


When do you drop off the BearaBins?

        BearaBins will arrive to your door within 24 to 48 hours from the time you schedule your appointment. We deliver 7 days per week and  provide 1-hour appointment windows.

        Delivery Hours: Mon thru Fri 7:00 am - 7:00 pm               Sun Closed

What days are you closed or do not deliver BearaBins?

        Every Sunday, New Year’s Day, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day


How quickly can I have access to my things?

        Normal delivery times are between 24-48 hours from time of request, but if you need expedited service, we can easily accommodate a quick delivery in as little as six hours for a modest surcharge.


Can I pick up my things myself?

        No. This is valet service only


Can I change or cancel my appointment?

        Yes, you can change or cancel your reservation at any time up to 8 hours before your scheduled pickup. We do not charge you until your items are picked up, so we encourage you to provide us as much advance notice as possible should you need to change your reservation.


What is your pickup and delivery rates?

        Initial pickup and delivery, at the end of your storage agreement, is free for all customers. Delivery and return of your stored items is $10 per bin (max $50 per appointment).


Can I request some, but not all, of my things?

        Yes, you can request whichever bins you want, but just be aware that there’s a $10 fee per bin.


What happen if I frequently move stuff back and forth from storage?

        We often have customers who do several retrievals per month. It’s a $10 fee per bin, with a max charge of $50 per appointment, but no max on the number of bins per appointment.


How does your costs compare to other storage solutions?

        We are competitive with or less expensive than other facilities. We provide much easier access to your items, we come to you!  Also, we never raise your rates! Your bin rates are good for the term of your agreement.


Do I have to make a long-term commitment?

        There are no long-term requirements.


Do you offer student discounts?

        No we do not have student storage packages, we are the lowest prices in NYC


What forms of payment do you accept?

        We accept all major credit cards and your account is set-up so that your monthly storage fee is automatically billed to your credit card. We also accept cash and check, but we may ask for a deposit or a credit card to hold your reservation.


Do you insure my things in storage?

        We provide insurance, free of charge, up to $2000 for each customer. Additional insurance can purchased at competitive rates.

What’s the financial benefit?

Comparing prices flat out isn’t going to get you a good picture of all that’s involved, so we’ll give you a few bits of advice on why our products are more cost effective:


  1. Bearabins are stronger and have sturdier handles than cardboard boxes, meaning you can pack heavier things into comparable sized boxes without fear of overloading on weight

  2. If you’re one of those people that values time, you’ll realize that it’s much quicker to order from us online and have us bring you the stuff you need for your move and then pick it up when you’re done, cutting out the time shopping for, bringing home, setting up, breaking down, and getting rid of cardboard boxes

  3. Since Bearabins don’t need to be assembled and have lids attached on hinges to each bin, you don’t need to waste money on packing tape – though we do offer it for sale if you need any

  4. Our boxes stack neatly and can be carried easily – and come with a dolly – making moving much easier. They also fit nicely into trucks, meaning you won’t be wasting space inside the truck while moving.


In regards to cost, you’ll be saving a lot of money by renting from us no matter where you go to get cardboard boxes. According to our research, you’ll save a touch more than $38 on a one bedroom move, and approximately $180 on multiple room moves buying from major retailers.

Do I need to be home for the delivery?

Absolutely. Someone must sign for the Bearabins and any other items included in your delivery.

I have a question you haven't answered here.

That's easy enough to fix. Simply shoot us a message or a call (or a Facebook post, even) and we'll answer your question. It'll even be personal - we'll use your name and everything. 

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