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How Valet Storage Works

Let Us Do the Lifting

Step 1: To order your BearaBins email your name, address, phone number to After placing your order and setting up a drop off date, we will drop off the empty BearaBins to you.

Step 2: Fill the Empty Bins. After filling the BearaBins, schedule a pick up. One of our drivers will pick up your filled BearaBins and bring them back to our storage facility. 


Step 3: We secure your BearaBins and store them in our facility. When you are ready to end your storage with us, give us a call to set up a delivery time. If at any point during your storage you need one of the bins, stop by or for a minimal fee we will deliver the single BearaBin. 

Cutting through the clutter.jpg

Step 4: After your full BearaBins are delivered, take a week to empty them. We will schedule when is best to pick up the empty bins. Need more time? Don't hesitate to ask. 


No more trying to figure out where to put all the boxes or how to throw them all out.  Just let us take it back – simple and easy.

Because that’s what moving and storage should be, easy!

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